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When identifying iconic logos one must consider the countless impressions they receive. After all, is that not what makes them iconic?

First let us revisit what makes a good logo. A good logo is focused, simple, memorable, functional, relevant and unique (and for details of those facts read or re-read 6 Essential Points to a Good Logo). Flawed logos often go overboard with detail, include photos or graphics which limits functionality and are easily forgotten. Yet, how would the logos of great established brands fair in the “memorable,” “focused,” and “relevant” categories if they were not constantly splashed across billboards, popping up on our computers and even invading our Pandora stations?

I found a fun, little quiz from ABC News (there’s another good logo) that will not only help answer these questions but be entertaining in the process. Take the quiz here!

… I’m serious go take the quiz… … … o.k. we’re waiting… … … … … … … seriously, it’s fun, take the quiz, it takes maybe a minute… … … … … … … … … … … … … how many ellipses does it take to fill a minute? … … … … o.k. good you’re back.

Excellent. So how many were you able to identify without much hesitation? I got a respectable 27 out of 31. Sorry Samsung. I love your style but failed to recognize that A… how is that relevant to or focused on the brand? Leave a comment down below and let’s talk.

In short, of course these brands are iconic because they are seared into our eyes at every glance of potential advertising space. Nonetheless, they all meet almost all of the criteria (I’m still not sure about the A in Samsung… ). These logos represent simplicity and for sure functionality as they are identifiable through only a small portion of the logo in question.

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