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As part of my ongoing high-five series, where I find lists of top logos, designs, blogs & websites then narrow them down to five of my own, here are my high-five websites/blogs of 2013 with some brief reasons to check them out!

  1. For the techy -Who doesn’t love all the new gadgets out there? I love them. This website is an awesome way to keep up with what’s out there, where to get it and how to get the best out your new investment.
  2. For the photography – A picture says a thousand words and this is a grand blog posting on a regular basis. A good model and fun inspiration.
  3. For the YouTuber – A super sweet video blogger from the realm of YouTube, Grace Helbig is kind of a big deal for the honest, hilarious & hearty YouTube watcher.
  4. For sports news – If you got the itch for news with a great perspective of the athletic persuasion this will be your jam for 2014!
  5. For Design – The title says it all. This is your go to source for Better Living Through Design!

Did you read the full length article from eBizMBA? No? How about the Dailytekk blog? If not, check them out in the links below and leave a comment below with your own high-five picks!

Read the full eBizMBA article

Read the full Dailytekk article

And as always, at present you are on the site for all your logo, website and company branding needs. Contact us and get the creative conversation going to help your online presence, e-commerce and overall image so that maybe someday your blog or website will find its way into the pages of the top 100, top 50 or even the top five of an awesome list.

Hope you have enjoyed my selection for the top five websites of 2013 & Happy New Year from Andiamo Creative!

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