Half Hearted Websites (Second Half)

Half Hearted Websites (Second Half)

iStock_000014796205XSmall-300x225Continuing to share our love regarding our work during this second half starts with touching on relationships… with the public.

Just like a big hug Andiamo Creative will help you open your arms wide across variant roads to exposure. We will meet and decide what marketing plan provides the right results for your needs. Together we will discover the best media sources for you, the drive behind your deadlines, where you are with press and how much you have done with social media. Bottom line, our marketing plan for you will prove perfect.

We have another hearty hand in logo development. Our endeavors are across the map. SSI is an IT development and services company just outside of Chicago. Another logo project, Lingraph, specializes in printing, packaging and promotional products. What can be more romantic than a dance? Check out client Studio One Dance Theatre. Have a problem with your love life or something even more pertinent. One client, Voxometer for whom we designed a logo is a universal suggestion box that addresses your problems for you through the appropriate channels. Regardless of your taste we will make your logo luscious, nectarous or sugar coated candy for the eyes to see.

Let us not forget about the websites that require attention. Many of the companies referenced either here or in our first half sought us for not only copywriting, illustrations and print design but also for help with a website. Some of the sweetest include The Ambler, Total Event Resources and Zophora. No matter the company, we will make yours a site to remember.

Put a little creative love into your website with us at Andiamo Creative otherwise it could end up being half-hearted.

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Nicholas Dale Taylor
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