Getting Readers to Read It – Make Content Readable

Getting Readers to Read It – Make Content Readable

sell your storyAs a content developer the main question you should always have in your head is “Will Reader’s Read It?” Keys for readability include making your content interesting and easy to read.

Writing for blogs is not like English class.

Making Content Eye Catching & Interesting

Title tags are the eye grabbers of the internet. Control this data in your meta settings & develop a style that pops. Create a style consistent & relevant to your brand. Perhaps your style of title tags involves a hyphen, portions in bold/all caps or combinations therein. Consider this title:

Great Content: 8 Words That Make ‘Great Content’ Great 

The above link was the first return listed in Google search engine returns for the search “making content readable.”

“I clicked and gave it a scan.”

The layout utilizes nice headers, bullet lists & more. However, even though the content proves good & the layout utilizes sub headers I still did not read much of the article before I was ready for my next search. It is just too busy.

  • Make it snappy
  • Embrace the line break
  • Use bulleted lists

The author listing, date of publication, category tags and oddly placed photos break my attention away from what I should be reading, the content.

Still, they got a lot of comments. Engagement is good.

Improve Audience Engagement with Easy to Read Articles

My next search was for “make readable content.” This returned a bright, shiny, readable gem (from Coypblogger).

“My eyes looked at it and found the info I needed.”

This is one of the best articles I have ever read on the subject of getting web surfers to read what you have written.

Rather than reiterate everything from this exemplary article from Pamela Wilson I simply bulleted three of her poignant points earlier in this article. Read the full post here (it’s a good one):

Even the url address for the blog is simple, elegant & relevant.

In short, good online content proves read worthy by being scan worthy. Hope this article was creatively pleasant to the eyes & the mind.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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