Four Frightening Websites

Four Frightening Websites

It is the season for scares and delightful treats and with that in mind I set out looking for frightening websites to entertain you this Halloween. I had my fill of the good, the bad and the ugly.

For all the parents with young ones out there wanting a good scare (warning, some of the pop ups are pretty scary) check out Scary for Kids. This website features spooky mazes, halloween pranks and pop ups that will make you jump! The unspoken scary factor of this website is the lack of integration and branding. Clicking on the categories listed across the top menu pulls up generic, google ads pages with options displayed in circles. This website could benefit from a complete overhaul to integrate all of the features into a single look and brand. This would help navigation feel more seamless and improve the overall user experience.

For the festive adult ready for a pumpkin project simply visit eHow! This website is devoted to helping you “discover the expert in you.” Speaking of expert, this is an excellently designed site. Navigation is clear and functional, the design is nice and clean and the content is great. I recommend the page with free pumpkin carving templates!

For those with a taste for the season try out some recipes from Wanda’s Halloween Cookbook. This is a perfect example of a website with pro’s and cons. Cons include the obvious template design with little to no “stand out” features and poor quality photos. However, pro’s outweigh the design flaws and include great, topical content. If you have yet to try roasted pumpkin seeds save those from your pumpkin carvings!

For people seeking more scary knowledge… and examples of what a website should not be, visit What a website no-no. How can such an awesome domain name be such a craptacular site. This is everything I hate about a website. Ads are everywhere, tabs redirect surfers to completely different sites and there is WAY TOO MUCH happening on this page. Talk about frightening.

Do not let your website be one shunned by surfers. Let Andiamo Creative help improve your existing site or start from scratch and launch your new look that is sure to be sweet as candy.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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