Five Above the Fold – Modern Website Design Trends

Five Above the Fold – Modern Website Design Trends

Keep Up with Modern Website Design Trends

Knowing modern website design trends is important when “keeping up with the Jones.” As part of our ongoing high-five series I have reviewed a number of articles on modern website trends & narrowed them to my top five.

Check it out creative cats.

1) Sharing Buttons

No, I don’t mean a party where you & your boyfriends exchange your favorite buttons (or goodness forbid, pogs). I mean social media sharing buttons.

They are everywhere & let’s get the obvious out of the way. While social media will continue to grow & evolve it is here to stay, forever.

Content gets more attention if it is shared throughout the variety of social media applications & pages.

Want my advice? Get the most of it by having sharing buttons on individual blog posts, key pages & link to your social media accounts on the home page so people can like, follow, etc.

The difference in your online traffic will be clear.

2) Creative, Clear Background Images

An increasingly popular trend, designers are often abandoning, detailed graphics in favor of beautiful images to take advantage of all the lovely retina display out there (which brings me to the next point).

3) Tile, Not Just for the Bathroom

Many sites are opting for a “tile” look on the landing page, tiles that connect you to different sections of a portfolio, categories of product or sections for news.

The tiles are functioning not only as an awesome design element but as an alternative, friendly system of navigation. Functional design always gets the thumbs up in our book.

Get ready to say goodbye to something that is changing & will continue to change with the algorithm of its time.

4) Goodbye Traditional SEO Copywriting

While big companies have spent thousands & thousands of dollars on keyword embedding & developing content from the keyword perspective, it is simply no longer the way it goes.

Investigate the modern approach to SEO. Know the modern frame for online content. In fact, did you know Google actually takes into account responsive design when factoring for present day SEO?

5) Above the Fold

Focusing all of the content “above the fold” is over, done. While some website designers may still cling to an idea that web surfers do not scroll down the data proves the contrary. People do scroll.

Take a look at the extensive articles each contributing facts & numbers supporting the superior experience favoring scroll sites versus page indexed sites.

Read more in detail from our referenced articles:

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Nicholas Dale Taylor
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