Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Lots of colourful thumbs upToday the majority of companies, businesses and brands have an associated Facebook page. With this overcrowded, messy millions of “likes” for big names it is necessary to discuss creative ways new names can compete for attention in Facebook marketing.

Essentially, all the promoting one can do on Facebook is broken into two categories, organic and promoted. In a nutshell, “organic” is engagement your page receives without giving Facebook any money while “promoted” means you are paying a certain amount of money to advertise either your page or an individual post. I suggest to begin with organic engagement until you reach the threshold of 500 likes.

The easiest way to acquire new likes is by sending an invite to all of your friends. Simply sign in to Facebook and go to your page as yourself (you must be using Facebook as your personal profile, not as your page). Now click on “Build Audience” and select “Invite Friends.” Invite everyone you know! In addition, if there are multiple people involved in the company remember to make each person an admin so they can invite their friends to like the page as well. Other ways of acquiring likes include sharing the page so it shows up in your timeline and sending the occasional, not spammy, email invite.

Once you have crossed the 500 threshold it is time to start promoting. Initially, you want to do some test promotions. Promoted posts will show up in the feed of people who “like” your page AND their friend’s feeds. Reference your analytic insights and see which posts have achieved the highest organic engagement. This will reveal the best types of posts for your page and the peak times to reach a bigger number of friends. My advice is to promote the page a few times to acquire new likes then to move on to promoting individual posts. I have found my main page to get the most attention around either noon or five o’clock. Lastly, when you promote an individual post, I highly recommend you use multiple targeting options. These include targeting locations, ages, genders and languages.

However you do it, be creative. Nobody “likes” a boring post.

Post pictures, ask questions, share interesting, relative content and while you’re doing all this remember not to post too much. Here’s a couple of articles from Socialmouths I “liked.”

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So, once again, get those initial 500 “likes,” through multiple admins then experiment with promoting the page and individual posts. Create the right creative content; one day you will reach numbers in the thousands!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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