E-Myth Mastery

E-Myth Mastery

E-Myth-Mastery-269x300Deemed appropriate for a local business blog, I have chosen a book from indicated “World’s #1 Small Business Guru,” titled the E-Myth Mastery, The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company by Michael E. Gerber. Quite a lengthy read; nonetheless here is my review whittling and pinpointing its contents down to the core.

Broken into two distinct parts the first focuses on an inspiring entrepreneur, Sarah of All About Pies. Here we see her inspired, faced with downward doubt and despair, turned once again towards a taxing path up the mountain of success. Peaking at points and faltering at others we witness Sarah’s continual reluctance balanced by techniques offered through tutelage from the author (for more Work/Life Balance, read here). Gerber helps Sarah unveil her inner-entrepreneur fueled by passion with skills focused on clarity such as with the “Stop Exercise” and another called “Seeing Through It” (pages 56-59). Once the author witnesses her growth into a “trustworthy climber” he agrees to “guide” her along the creative way towards a “World Class Company” (pg 66). Now, the two move into the seven essential disciplines.

Preceded by a brief epigram, part two breaks these seven disciplines into one chapter each which correspond to distinct roles which are as follows:

  1. the Enterprise Leader
  2. the Marketing Leader
  3. the Financial Leader
  4. the Management Leader
  5. the Client Fulfillment Leader
  6. the Lead Conversion Leader
  7. the Lead Generation Leader

Each chapter begins with needed introductory elements followed with assignments, beefed up with summarizing charts; they often conclude with case examples from various companies. All-in-all is a good thought to keep while reading as Gerber, while detailing thoroughly, reminds management that if you are running only a part of the business you are simply not running it. One must focus on the whole picture at once, or in his own words, “each of the disciplines is the most important one… They are all One Thing” (page 280). You need to work on your business rather than in it. While most chapters remain centered on outside cases and Sarah’s own development The Discipline of the Financial Leader is presented on a more personal note and follows an autobiographical account of Michael’s times of trying legal battles.

One point of reference that I feel deserves a line of its own is “innovation, quantification, and orchestration” (page 296).

While an overwhelming amount of data is presented it is broken down well and contains notable through-lines. There is always a process whether it entails key indicators, innovation techniques, increasing productivity or you name it… a flow is always present. Often illustrated as an arrow chart we see boxes or “benchmarks” (see chapter four) which progress in a rational, predictable fashion: observe the situation, identify the problem, offer a corrective action, evaluate effectiveness of given corrective action, refine action if needed, distribute solution. These are given as “box and arrow diagrams” and while the bold description is my own words it’s a pretty good generic sum-up of this applaudable process with the  “black box” of ideas (pages 299-300).

The long and short, if you undertake this read prepare to be patient. Take it slowly. Download the suggested checklists and worksheets provided at www.emythmastery.com. Doing this will allow you to begin your own stretch towards the seven essential disciplines, just like Sarah with All About Pies, reaching for a World Class Company with the E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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