Content in Twenty Fourteen Theme – Customizing WordPress Sites (II)

Content in Twenty Fourteen Theme – Customizing WordPress Sites (II)


Check out the first article in a series of three discussing customizing wordpress sites with the twenty fourteen theme. Number two follows.

Customizing WordPress Content

While the earlier article focused on the brilliance & simplicity of working with color in the new twenty fourteen theme this article focuses on the limitations you may encounter if you go this route. Main limitation you will encounter in most free themes center on content location & controlling layouts for specific pages.

Content Location in Twenty Fourteen Theme

Let us say that you are trying to feature different content via the right sidebar. Easy enough, you can simply drag a number of widgets into this sidebar and voila, done.

Oh wait, I like this content on this page but I do not want this content on every page.

Tough. Using the free version of anything is going to cause limitation. If you are a paid site you can download the plugin of your choice to help manage the sidebar content to be displayed on the page(s) of your choice. This is an easy enough problem to address. However, again, this is not possible with this theme if you are hosted through WordPress.

The other main item concerning content location is your page feed. Most websites have a landing page that features certain content but not their entire feed. For example, if you land on a website that contains some feature content & a brief description  about who or what the website is about that is a traditional home page. If you look at the menu for this same website you will probably find a menu tab called “blog” or “news” which are generally feed pages.

A feed page is where your new posts are located & how you build an online archive.

Change your website landing page to a “static” page rather than a “feed” page by clicking on “Settings” & “Reading.” Then simply select home page to be “static” & indicate which page you have created that you want to be your “feed page.

Now, here is where you may have some issues with the twenty fourteen theme.

Controlling Page Layout in Twenty Fourteen Theme

The main issue is that while you can control layout for certain pages by making them “full width” you cannot do so with your feed page. It makes no sense that this is not an easily resolved issue. While a plug-in once existed that remedied this & another design flaws it is no longer available.

Solving this issue at present will require some knowledge of html & css. If you start messing around with these web files on your own remember to have backups saved on your computer so that you do not break your website with some tiny error. Installing a child theme is another recommended option to address design limitations with the twenty fourteen theme.

However, it sure is nice for a free theme!

Peace of Mind for Customizing WordPress

Your sure bet for customizing WordPress content with no fuss is as easy as contacting us at Andiamo Creative. You are one click away from getting started today with your very own custom WordPress website.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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