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When customizing WordPress sites one of the most enjoyable options is playing with color. Why? Because color rules!

Clicking on Colors in Free WordPress Sites

If you are just starting a free WordPress site from one of the first things you have to do is select a theme. A lot of these themes have color schemes that you can customize with just a few clicks. Today we look at the free twenty fourteen theme as an example.

“This new twenty fourteen theme is excellent and I can change the whole site color scheme with just a few clicks.”

This theme (which is free) on offers you the choose a background color and three accent colors. You can also simply click on a predetermined pallet which groups together four lovely color selections. It’s easy and it’s fun. Let’s look at how those colors are generally seen on your site.

Color Fun When Customizing Free WordPress Sites

Generally there are three or four colors that come into play when customizing your free WordPress site. Here is how they work for WordPress twenty fourteen theme:

  • Background Color
  • Accent Color 1
  • Accent Color 2
  • Accent Color 3

Remember, depending on which theme you choose this may or may not be an option for customizing your WordPress site. If you are looking for a free theme where you can play around with customization of colors twenty fourteen theme is one of your awesome options!

“What if I want to further customize my theme by controlling specific color for call out sections or menus?”

Well friends, if you wish for further customization it might be time to upgrade to a self-hosted site. I have two recommendations for further customization. Both are plugins.

Color Customizing on WordPress with Plugins

While there are other plugin options for customizing your colors on a self-hosted WordPress site I have found two that I prefer when using the twenty fourteen theme. Here is a brief look at both the Fourteen Colors and Styles: Twenty Fourteen plugins:

  1. Fourteen Colors– This is an easy to use option to modify colors within the twenty fourteen theme. With it you can manipulate the background and theme colors (per usual) and further manipulate your “accent” (controls text sections, header search and link color) and “contrast” (header, footer and sidebar) colors  by clicking through “Themes” > “Customize” > “Colors”
  2. Styles: Twenty Fourteen– Goes above and beyond the options offered within Fourteen Colors allowing to control a boatload of more specifics (however, it requires the parent plugin “Styles”)

What if you want more customization? Time for a custom designed WordPress site!

Andiamo Can Customize More Than Your Colors

While plugins are great for controlling certain elements of a website you want your site to stand out, far out from the competition.

“These plugins are really great but I want my theme body to look entirely different from some of the competitors out there. What is the best way for my company to achieve a unique, website look?”

Get what you want with your website by working with Andiamocreative, customizing WordPress sites for you!

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