Creative Resolutions (V)

Creative Resolutions (V)

HiRes1-e1359726416835One year later marks the date when our ongoing series comes full circle with the last three digits of our twelve resolutions helping enrich lives throughout the year (read the series including I, II, III and IV).

Looking back that far through our blog brought about my discovering the next step towards having success in both personal and professional capacities.

10. Have a Timeline

Pairing with daily and weekly time management, the timeline will be your tool for setting both short and long-term goals. Seeing the dots of tasks in linear progression allows for clearer perception and easier prioritization. Now, that website launch party three months away is recognized as a simple needed button of progress if you intend to receive that graphic design award by winter 2013.

11. Accept Mistakes

Not everything is going to come out as planned. Consider your timeline marking three months away as the projected time for your website launch party. Months of outsourced web work go by and near the last minute your local web designer informs you, “Sorry dude, something weird happened with the code or something and it’s gonna be another month.” Yes, you have to renegotiate your timeline but you accept the mistake, fire the other guy and stumble upon Andiamo Creative and boom! Your website looks great for the new launch date!

12. Reward Yourself

Note the timeline and how well you managed the bobbles along the way and remember all the good things you have done to improve your days (not to mention improve your website). Although success itself is reward enough, you should still occasionally treat yourself with a prize. Andiamo Creative just gave you the news that your website was ready to go public. You say “wow, awesome news. I think I’ll take those new business cards and printed stationary you offer so I’ll have them for the party.” You rest easy that night knowing that everything is in place for your launch party, two nights away.

A good way to close a day.

Review the twelve creative points to better your business and simply live better; look for more news on websites, logos, print design and more in future creative articles

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