Creative Resolutions (VII) – Update the Archive

Creative Resolutions (VII) – Update the Archive

Is it helpful to update the archive?

Looking back over the years I have been writing for this blog I encountered a series that I found refreshing, a series of creative resolutions. This series is set on making readers more aware. Here advice is laid out for making a better work environment, a better end product and ultimately a better you.

What’s this? Sounds like a self help book? Who better to help you than you. Today’s article will feature a returning ficticious character, Alice and her decision to update the archive.

Alice was reading over the material that she has written for a blog and saw how things started to tie together over the years, she had created a voice for an online blog but was it being read? Alice wanted to take the time to review and update her SEO but sometimes she just seemed so overwhelmed with creating constant content that she chose to skip the detail work involved in finding the right keyword phrase to target. Plus, as search engine optimization continued to change and evolve it seemed as if all of the work done over the years of writing had lost its impact. She just needed to remember (and if you need help remembering creative resolutions 1-15 read the other articles in this series).

16) Remember What You Wrote

Sometimes the best thing to do when we feel that what we are doing is not enough is simply to remind ourselves that we find ourselves where we are not because of the path in front of us but because of the path behind us.

Alice remembers all the creative content she has created but starts to feel at a loss. “I know that the content I created was readable but how can it all come together in a way that may attract more readers? Let me go back to the beginning.”

Remembering is not the same as reflecting.

17) Reflect On What You Wrote

Alice went back and re-read all of the articles she had written over the past year. While reading she took notes on the topics that stood out from the others in either content or presentation.

“Oh, that style really worked for this topic. Why did I not continue this in another series? Better yet, why don’t I just update the archive.”

Alice reintroduces some of her forgotten tactics for writing more efficiently and overcoming the dreaded creative block. She revisits a series of past articles making slight adjustments to the content so that they are focused on a keyword phrase (and the related match… but you can read more about that later).

Weighing what has worked and refreshing it a bit to meet with changing times leaves Alice feeling more accomplished.

18) Appreciate What You Wrote

After all is said and done with Alice’s little writing shift at her desk she sits back in her seat. A pleasant bleep-bloop sounds notifying her of a new email, subject line “thanks for your thoughts.” “It is so nice to know that even though what I’ve written may not have been read at length by thousands of people, some of those that did read my articles got exactly what they needed.”

We appreciate our readers and hope that over the years you have all found an article that led you to a discovering a new approach for your business. This year get the improvement you need for your brand, your website and more with Andiamo Creative… and if you have some time you may want to update the archive.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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