Creative Resolutions (IV)

Creative Resolutions (IV)

iStock_000021190087XSmallIt is time for our next set of three creative resolutions for making 2012 your best year yet! We want you to put it on paper, finish one thing and turn on some music.

Here’s a quick revisit to the first six ideas:

1. Learn Something New
2. Turn Your Learning Lucrative
3. Find Your Niche of Happiness
4. Know More People
5. Include Outside Thought
6. Embrace the Change

All the above points can be read about in articles I, II and III. Now onto lucky number seven.

7. Put in on paper

Whatever it maybe rambling around in your creative mind writing it down is the first step. Whether your writing be a brainstorm of ideas, a list of goals or the first draft of a new article you must get it out of your head through the pen and the pad. Some may prefer to create their thoughts on a computer but there is something visceral and more connective when actually writing it on paper. Speaking of paper, if you have need for making a new paper brochure remember, this is what we do. After it’s all in print it may feel a little overwhelming but keep it simple and pick one area of focus.

8. Finish one thing

Once the amalgam of thoughts, list or first draft makes its way onto the page concentrate on developing and completing a single task. Narrow it down. Elaborate on one of those ideas until it takes a new and better shape and if you need a new website shape or brand update remember, this is what we do. Choose a single item from the list and get it done. Revisit a single paragraph from that initial draft and give it the finesse it deserves. After the accomplishment of a single baby step you will find more momentum to move your business or product forward.

9. Turn on some music

We all find ourselves stuck in creative ruts at times. Unstick with a favorite tune or ask a colleague if they have a favorite track or record they visit when experiencing a lull of creativity. Many great writers and developers relate a success to a certain song. You can too!

Remember things don’t usually happen overnight but progress and growth will happen with putting it on paper, finishing one thing and always listening to the music that gets your productive groove on the up and up. We are here to help your continuing success in life and business through ongoing creative resolutions. This is what we do.

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