Creative Resolutions (III)

Creative Resolutions (III)

thumbnail-300x216Continuing wishes for your 2012 year to be the most creative thus far are here in our ongoing series of creative resolutions. The second set of three in twelve (for the original three read the first article) mean for you to know more people, include outside thought and embrace the change.

4. Know more people

Remember that ad from a while back with a little jingle ending in “the more you know?” The more people you know the higher chance you will meet just the right friend, support group, MMA fighter, new band member, fellow video game nerd or even future customers; knowing how valuable word of mouth is, the more mouths the better. Some of you may be the introvert or “shy type” and prefer to have a small circle. Those business types would do well to know of Gladwell’s referenced connectors, mavens and salesmen.

5. Include outside thought

Now more than ever it is simple to include ideas from your consumers. Two heads are better than one so a dragon with many heads must be exponentially better. Even some of the biggest companies, television shows and artists are taking constructive commentary from the world wide audience. Such is offered in an instant with Facebook comments, subscribers on Digg, tweets and retweets alike from Twitter, YouTube, Yelp and more. A vast network of minds can offer ideas you or your company may not have unveiled. A perfect stranger may possess just the fix for system branding, logo updates or a creative, orange, warm color advertisement.

6. Embrace the change

It is coming. The day when your brand identity, offered service or program of choice becomes inundated. New versions for your logos, company names, etc. are not meant to say, “hey, we had an awful thing,” but rather “look how shiny and polished this known thing has become.” Doing such is one of our specialties (such as with the Hipskind case study). Think of it as a website facelift or if that sounds disagreeable we can change that to an updated online presence. Sound better?

Either way, we at Andiamo Creative only want better and better for our clients for whom we continue to know, include and embrace more in successful marketing with a refreshed look of creative resolve.

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