Creative Resolutions (II)

Creative Resolutions (II)

iStock_000017512478XSmall-179x300The Andiamo Creative staff wishes you continuing creativity in this year of 2012. That said, here is the next in our continuing series the last of which offered you a 1,2,3 to learn something new, turn your learning lucrative and to find your niche of happiness.

Considering that last notion we decided to make our 1,2,3’s even more specific:

  1. LEARNING something new allows rewards to come through the avenue of knowledge. So, pick your avenue. Last time our hypothetically mentioning “web development,” was completely intentional (after all, it’s what we do). If this is your undertaking a good beginning is to visit¬† Here you should create an account, maybe watch an instructional video or two and then just play around for a while with different templates and widgets. Remember, you cannot break it. It is O.K. That said, for those who do not choose this avenue and need a creative web-page for their company we will do it for you!
  2. TURNING your learning lucrative will prove more efficient if it is not just you in the equation. Take our last point and think, “hmmm, if I learn website development maybe my partner can focus on SEO development and or social media.” It all connects folks (such as with an earlier two-part article Connect Your Connects) and you need more than one dot on a graph to make a line of profit. Yet, you may be ahead of the financial game and completely capable of outsourcing both your SEO and social media control. If that is the case you should check out one of our recommended books, The 4-Hour Workweek.
  3. FINDING your niche of happiness originates with one thought, “I love it!” Yet, can what you love turn a profit? Chances are the more specific that lovely thing is the greater the potential return of investment. Regarding your product or service, this heightened specificity is known as the niche within the niche. You can learn more about this through The Challenge or various other online learning modules. In short, if drawing mythological creatures was your niche, drawing unicorns would be your niche within the niche and you could even take it a step further by drawing, say, quadracorns… oh, wait, somebody already uses that idea commercially.

After all that is said and done what about unique branding, logo design or needed correspondence for which you have no time?! As always when you are reading our blog you are on the right site cause we have been providing those services and then some since 1997 and we can do it for you… creatively!

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