Creative Resolutions (I)

Creative Resolutions (I)

HiRes-300x265We at Andiamo Creative wish you the most successful and creative year in 2012. In honor of the year, here are the first three of twelve creative resolutions helping enrich individuals.

  1. Learn something new. Maybe you have wanted to learn how to play an instrument, speak another language or a unique skill like web design for some time now but have yet to give yourself permission. No time like the present to present yourself with the opportunity. Who knows? This new skill just might reveal a fresh avenue of your life.
  2. Turn your leaning lucrative. Everyone has some card up their sleeve that they have yet to play. Use that knowledge (and maybe that something new you’ve learned) to find an idea surrounded by dollars. Money may not bring happiness but it can sure come in handy. And if you are fortunate enough to not need that extra buck pass it off to your favorite cause.
  3. Find your niche of happiness. No matter the idea, in today’s market specificity is key. If you are going to turn your learning lucrative, identifying a unique product or service will assist in taking direct aim at your target audience. Speaking of assist here is where we come into the picture of your new year!

Let’s face it folks. No matter how you decide to turn your new skills lucrative while finding your niche it is going to involve some online presence. That said, why not make that online presence awesome? Most people will agree that looking at a creative site is preferable to the alternative. Would you rather have a flat, pallid, impersonal template or pages with spiffy, original design, complementing colors and easy to navigate menus? Let us help you have the latter and just like a crazy infomercial host pitching their product, we “won’t stop there!”

With our branding package you will have a fantastic logo design, a business pack with business cards, printed stationary, electronic stationary, envelopes and look at all these ad-ons!

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