Creative Copywriting

Creative Copywriting

HiRes-300x278The key is to let it flow. Get out of your own head and simply be a conduit for a creative force. The medium just happens to be text. This is creative copywriting.

While CONTENT IS KEY (and it should be built around the brand and relative subject matter) there are many other keys and nothing is harder than picking a creative lock.

One key for opening is music (this shared tidbit exists in the Andiamo Creative archive as part of the creative resolutions series). Music gets me out of my head and into my fingers. Focusing on the tactile sensation of how my finger tips feel hitting the keys creates an uninhibited release. Do not filter yourself. You can do that with the second pass. Just let loose!

Another key is accepting distractions. They will always be there, regardless of environment.

I’m sitting at Intelligentsia right now, starting a nice flow; this guy walks up and greets a friend. “Oh my gosh how have you been,” says the lady seated to my right. Guy says, “Good doll, I just got back from D.C.” and all the while I’m thinking please can the emotional reunion; I can hear it over my headphones nearly full blast. Yet, they are part of the story.

You may not be in a bustling cafe but the noise in a restless mind can be just as loud. Acknowledge the noise around, accept it, rather than reject. Once you accept it it flows through you rather than hitting against your brain like an annoying hammer. This is an excellent tool for freeing the natural voice.

A last key is to leave it. Once that first draft is out of you take a breath, literally. Go away from it all for five minutes or so before making the next pass. This gives you a chance to acknowledge the creative force that has just happened and to appreciate what you have done. All I’m saying is, pat yourself on the back before the second pass.

Now seconds have passed. As you edit your first set of text I suggest to read it all first before changing a single word. The job for the second pass is to weave the content together in a more purposefully, yet seemingly seamless way. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION YET! You are still in a creative place. Take advantage. Grammar and punctuation can wait until the next pass (or leave it to an editor, laugh out loud).

And before you know it, only minutes have passed rather than hour. And look at you all smiley with your first draft. What is that creative saying I love? Work smarter, not harder.

Keep being creative. Write on!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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