Creative Annual Review

Creative Annual Review

iStock_000000221589XSmallIt has been one year since I began writing for Andiamo Creative. Now is the time to revisit a year’s worth of creative writing, web site ideas, SEO, marketing and business practices, book reviews and public outreach.

My first article was a book review for 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. Since then, I have reviewed seven other books including Groundswell, Outliers and most recently Click. Occasionally I would follow up with an article (such as Social Networking Clicks) elaborating on the subject at hand and simultaneously increasing key word density for the webpage. Yet, I wasn’t always in front of the computer when working for this creative branding company.

Uptowners in Chicago will remember Windy City Ribfest 2011 and specifically the logo in question. I walked around asking over 100 everyday people to rate the logo where “1” equals horrible and “10” equals awesome. Not only did this end up being a great word of mouth marketing method, it also increased the company’s ties to the community. I continued this with reviews of local business logos and data regarding how an online presence enriched through social media translates into increased sales. It’s all about continuing to connect, continuously.

Speaking of connection, I started an ongoing series of posts involving holidays and means for creativity in practice. The page celebrates many holidays with a writing theme often tying in SEO, website changes, launching something new and creative resolutions (the later of which is my series offering advice for enriching your business alongside your life, creatively of course). Additionally, my writing stitched various works from Andiamo including website designs, chicago company logos and print designs into the same blog.

Being on the same page proves important when one takes Google Analytics into account. This lovely tool has allowed me to track the bounce rate (how long someone stays on your page) for individual key words I have used for the page. Here one learns the words which are resulting in the best traffic for the business at hand.

So, as my hand types the last lines I profess happiness for my first year’s work with this awesome company. Here the business at hand remains to be your hub of creativity in Chicago for logos, prints, new sites and the overall design for your success.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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