Creating on Thanksgiving

Creating on Thanksgiving

iStock_000018159844XSmall-271x300The holidays are a time for togetherness, good food and new reasons to be creative. We have the hands to help!

Thanksgiving, for me, brings to mind crafts, festive decorations and everyone coming together to sit around a table to eat until they are stuffed. It also evokes the image of my grandmother sweating in the kitchen all day while creating a ridiculous amount of food amidst six grandchildren running wild in the house. It was easy to calm everyone down with a little paper crafts project. Remember making those fun little turkey hands as a kid?

Well, now that you are all grown up you might be looking for a print design with a little more flair than a turkey hand. If it is delightful, artistic packaging you are interested in then click here to see samples of our very own. I think my favorite is the one featuring Halvorson and Partners. What amazing feats of engineering they have achieved! However, let me not get distracted by the beautiful designs but focus on how you will be the architect of your own holiday happiness… and less stress. That is something else we all create during these busy times.

No blog mentioning what we create on Thanksgiving would be complete without mentioning stress. Do you know the cure? We suggest yoga, pilates, dance and meditation, specifically with a local Chicago company, and past client Chaturanga Holistic Fitness. This leads us to one more thing that we all, like it or not, inevitable create around the holidays.

You may inadvertently create a few pounds.Those pounds you create during the holidays are a sure reason to tackle a new hobby or physical activity to design your new body (maybe with a little help from Jenny Schatzle, an Andiamo Creative website). And just as we have shown in this article time and time again if it is the body of a web page you need assistance in creating or redesigning, we are your company!

This season we extend a warm thanks to all our clients for welcoming our business as a Chicago web designer. There is more to come as we will still be creating on Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays from the team at Andiamo Creative.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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