Consistent Branding – Or the Inconsistent Consistency

Consistent Branding – Or the Inconsistent Consistency


Consistent branding is the most important thing to help your brand never be forgotten. However, what if your plan on branding is to attack with a barrage of constantly changing looks?

Is This Consistent Branding?

About a year ago we looked at the logo for Super Bowl 49 (or rather Super Bowl XLIX). Comparing it to this new incarnation for Super Bowl 50, the big change is the lack of the traditional Roman numerals. In this previous article we looked at the logos, noted some favorites, giant changes & most notably the time when the Super Bowl started developing some consistency with the logo.

What is the Consistent Inconsistency?

Recalling this article brought to mind a saying that strays from the realm of branding/sports & into the realm of theatre. While developing a character, an actor may portray their role with a certain tick, ailment or handicap. For example, consider the role of Keyser Soze, an alias of Roger “Verbal” Kint from the Usual Suspects played by Kevin Spacey.

This performance depicts a character within a character (or performance within a performance) playing a “gimp” or a man with a distinct limp… among other characteristics. Roger “Verbal” Kint is a great character to explain the inconsistent consistency for if these character attributes were not held true Kaiser Soze would have been revealed. The great villian would have been caught! These “gimp” mannerisms were inconsistent with the true nature of Kaiser Soze. Yet, the performance was consistent within the facade of his alias, Verbal. Hence, the inconsistency was consistent.

And of course, Kevin Spacey himself does not limp… nor does he have vilianous behaviors… at least none of which we know. But we’re being inconsistent.

A Super Brand

An event as large as the Super Bowl can easily afford to change their logo every single year without the slightest worry of losing visibility as the public has grown accustomed to it over the years. It is a mecca of advertising & comraderie with some of the largest brands in the world competing to pay nearly $4.5 million for an estimated 30 seconds of ad space on NBC, reportedly.

While a time honored tradition it is also an advertising machine! Ad views, click through rates & social media engagement all soar throughout the event & days before. Still, not everyone takes advantage of posting associated hashtags & handles. With huge competing names like Budweiser, McDonalds & more who would not want a piece of this super brand.

Your Need For A Consistent Brand

Small businesses have a need for increased visibility & one of the main ways to accomplish this is through a chain of branding systems. What does this involve? Keep your logo consistent across all your marketing materials & promotional efforts! Read more about branding systems.

While the life of your company may not reach 50 years of glory with an associated trophy so long as a consistent brand is in place you will certainly stand a better chance of surviving & thriving within your associated niche… even if it isn’t advertised on Super Bowl 50. Good game!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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