Connect Your Connects Continues

Connect Your Connects Continues

As the story to Connect Your Connects Continues we come to my fourth stop which puts me right at the border of the Uptown and Wrigleyville Neighborhoods; a return to Emerald City Coffee.

During the beginning of the article (see Connect Your Connects) I made my argument proposing the positive elements of having a website for your business. I collected statements from owners/managers of Spoil Me Hair Salon, Shake Rattle & Read, and Beck’s Books Store regarding their best online tools. Here I offer fun numerical data showing the growth backed by an online presence with a potluck of tools.

When I asked Manager Brian “How has business been during these past few months?” he responded, ” We’re doing better and better.” “Do you think that this ‘better and better’ has had anything to do with increasing the amount of material/friends on your FaceBook page?” I ask. He responds, “It’s definitely part of it.” I go on, “What about the creation of your website?” Brian says, “It may be too soon to tell but I don’t see how it has hurt.” Exactly. On June 1st, as part of my own experiment with PR I took it upon myself to create a WordPress hosted page for the company and have since expected and witnessed growth in traffic. Additionally, even though EC has had a FaceBook page for over a year it wasn’t until this past April when I started managing the content that we all noticed the change including 300 additional friends.

Now, concerning this increase understand that my focus during this time has been to publish daily food specials to their blog which automatically link to their Facebook page on which I regularly create events and post new photos. Below you will see data for 24 weeks of business.


Interestingly enough, you’ll notice weeks 22, 23 and 24 to be the only consecutive gain time topping $6,000. This time marks a little over a month post the launch of the EC website.

“I really didn’t expect food sales to go up this much,” Brian says, “We always push drinks more here.” Getting more specific, without realizing it I had placed a heavy emphasis on the cafe’s food menu, more specifically breakfast. I’ve chose three months: January to give us a starting point for the year, March to show sales immediately prior to the increase in online content and July illustrating sales post content management. Look at the results for the increase in food sales below.


Wrapping up this two segment article, it is safe to say that websites, social media, yelp and many other online options will potentially increase revenue. It all depends on where and how you place your emphasis. Knowing the new rules of marketing and PR helps and of course content is king when it comes to SEO. You don’t need to know all of that, you can make like Timothy Ferriss and outsource. My advice, have a website so that all of your connects can lead to one place, your business!

And when choosing someone to assist in your development choose the right creative!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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