Change with Times – Trends for Updating Company Logos

Change with Times – Trends for Updating Company Logos


Time to Update

Trends for updating company logos can be best summarized with one word, streamlined.

Updating Company Logos for the Big Brands

As part of my ongoing high-five series I have found a list of logos that have changed over the years & narrowed the list down to five highlights. Take a look at these top five picks for most drastic changes to a logo.

  1. Nokia
  2. Fiat
  3. Pepsi Cola
  4. IBM
  5. Apple

While each company had their own reasons for updating their brand the general timeline follows a trend.

During the later half of the 20th century company brand identity started to stray away from detail, embracing simplicity with logo representation & often all together abandoning letters.

Now, before moving on to each noteworthy change it is very much worth noting one of the most recognized brands in the world, Coca-Cola. This amazing brand has remained relatively unchanged since the 1880’s. Yet, for most companies updating company logos to align with the times is a necessary step forward.

Updating Company Logos – The High Five

  1. Nokia – If you take a look at Nokia’s logo back in the day you would come across a big fish. Why was this part of their image? The Finnish company’s brand is now simply the name Nokia in modern blue font. Keep “connecting people” Nokia!
  2. Fiat – Remembering the earlier crest of this company & juxtaposing it with the now updated logo is an excellent example of the evolution of brand design.
  3. Pepsi Cola – This tasty beverage company proves a perfect example of brands that have left the letter behind, opting for a bold, fresh logo embodying their bold, fresh taste.
  4. IBM – The modern version is a shining example of streamlined logo design.
  5. Apple – Perhaps the most drastic evolution of a logo ever, this original logo design depicted Sir Issac Newton on the verge of experiencing his breakthrough discovery while the new brand identity is clean, sleek and unforgettable.

Wherever you happen to be with your brand take a moment to evaluate and see where you land within the trend of updating company logos.

Will Updating Company Logos Improve Your Business?

Customers or clients remembering your logo means they will more than likely remember your service. This can create sales directly or indirectly by creating word of mouth buzz.

Question – “Hey, where should I go in Chicago for website services? I want a company that also specializes in graphic design & can revamp the existing logo.”

Answer – “Oh, I remember this one company that has an ampersand for a logo. They handle both websites & logo design. Check them out.”

Want a look at the complete list that inspired this high-five article? Time to visit the Business Insider blog.

If you are in the midst of updating your brand identity drastic may be a word you want to embrace. However if you already consider your brand up to date take another look.

Is the lettering in your logo or brand representation legible? Is everything relevant? Does it make an impact far away and bring people in for detail? Take the initiative to make your logo the best version of itself.

Get that logo streamlined!

Thanks for reading. And remember, updating company logos is just one of the services from Andiamo Creative.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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