To Blog or Not to Blog Why Should We Blog on Website?

To Blog or Not to Blog Why Should We Blog on Website?

“Should We Blog” Is a Question for Every Website

The short answer to should we blog is yes… & the long answer is yes.

Now, there are exceptions to every rule so blogging may not be the right fit for your web presence but to decide that let’s review some simple pros and cons regarding blogs (but before reading this maybe you should first answer “What’s in a blog?).

Answering the Questions “Should We Blog”

The main thing everyone needs to know before even weighing the pros & cons of blogging is that a blog can be whatever you want it to be & is also the best way to generate ongoing content for your website.

Alternative methods for generating ongoing content include updating galleries & pages devoted to your work. However, a blog can accomplish both of these things simultaneously.

There are photo blogs, video blogs (vlogs) & the traditional blog that you are reading now. Yet, to answer the question fully, your company must first weigh the pros &cons of blogging. Let’s start with the pros.

Pros – Should We Blog

There are three main pros I have discovered for blogging:

  1. Consistently Generating Content
  2. Excellent Tool for SEO (but do you still know SEO)
  3. Affordable Service

1) When those fantastically cool spiders are sent out to crawl the internet for content they always favor the sites with recent content over “dead” sites. Again, while updating pages or galleries may maintain the vitality of your site your blog is the simplest way to do just that. Rather than updating current galleries your company could add a feature photo to a new blog post & a quick, related description or narrative.

2) If your company wants the highest possible rankings in search engine returns, SEO is critical for your website. A blog proves invaluable for SEO. Think of each entry as a new way (actually a new page) to embed focus keywords, link to existing content & direct your traffic to the most beneficial information.

3) As we move forward to the cons of blogging the main notable bullet will be time commitment. Fortunately enough, online content creators can be found at an affordable price. Find one & agree on a price per page.

Now, on to what I have found to be the only con regarding blogging.

Cons – Should We Blog

Time commitment is a necessary factor for any blog. Consistency is key & while many company’s & small businesses tackle a blog at the early onset they are often abandoned & thereafter lose potency.

My solution is simple.

Start small.

If you are a small business owner & cannot yet allocate funds to hire out this service, maintaining a blog involves as little as two hours per month. Echoing earlier, consistency is key. If your company is new & upcoming, developing new content for your blog once a month is an acceptable, minimum standard.

This not only keeps your website “on the radar” but it actually forces you to sit down & face your website at least once a month.

An abandoned website is a sad thing. Consider walking past an abandoned lot.

“Something could be there… hmmm, how about a nice blog”

O.K. Maybe that was a bleak image. My point was to hire an image of opportunity. If something sits with vacancy it leaves a need to be fulfilled. When we weigh the pros and cons of blogging the pros weigh highly on the side of favor.

While other questions will arrive such as “what do I write about,” “how do I know if this is really making an impact for my business,” etc. during the initial onset it is best to trust three words, “consistency if key,” (or is it “content is key?”). Either way.

While this is a question to answer for any new website the main hiccup comes when you find out that your current website does not support a blog format. If it doesn’t then contact us at Andiamo Creative to update your current site & answer the question once & for all as to whether or not “should we blog.”

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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