Best Websites 2015 – High Five for Simplicity

Best Websites 2015 – High Five for Simplicity

You know, finding the best websites 2015 has shown over the course of a year is kind of ridiculous when you are looking through a list of 100 or even 50. Thankfully, some still steal and cheat to whittle it down to the bare bones. That was a joke in blog form.

Anyway, after getting lost in some cool websites and surfing through the muck for over an hour I found a nice list of 100 best websites which DailyTekk cut to 10 best websites. So, naturally as part of the high-five series we cut down to… well, five.

Best Websites 2015 – High Five

Now, as all lists are, this is just a matter of fact meets opinion. I chose these five because after reviewing the DailyTekk list I found some of the sites to be lacking updates. They simply had not been kept current and some of the content was redundant. The through-line for these high-five websites is the simplicity. Each chooses to highlight in a clean, blocked fashion either focusing on the image while barely using any text or saying bye bye to all pictures and using the power of the pen.

Also, I kept some in for sake of variety as not all recommended websites should be about shopping. That said, our first two choices are about shopping:

1) Everyday Carry – best website for pocket items

An attractive website that will keep you scrolling and hovering over all the awesome little items that are made for your pockets. Basically, you will see a lot of bags, knives, keyrings, pens, watches and stuff like that… and they are all pretty darn cool. Guys will prefer it over the next choice, cause they are predictable.

2) Canopy – best website for easy to find gifts

Keep scrolling. Every item is an image with the price in the upper right hand corner. Plus, the item content is a good mix of price points and thoughtful/useful stuff for yourself or that dear loved one. The holidays are right around the corner!

3) Mic – best website for reading the headlines

What’s that? You don’t read much? Everyone can read the headlines and then ask around and find that friend that just so happens to have read it. This site has a grand layout for checking out the headlines… and even following up by reading the entire article and maybe checking a source or two.

4) Instructables – best website for DIY projects!

To embrace simplicity, this website is just awesome! Check it out to find sweet projects ranging from sewing, robotics, receipes galore and even more!

5) Dustin Curtis – best website for a random blog

The words will make you remember why blogging remains such a powerful platform. The simple design makes you focus on the words… because their is nothing else on the site. Trust, it is good.

Where do we come up with the creative articles?

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High Five for simplicity and thanks for reading our creative, little blog. Feel free to leave a comment about the best websites 2015 has given you!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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