Best Logos 2015 – High Five for Cheeky Design

Best Logos 2015 – High Five for Cheeky Design

The best logos 2015 has brought to the table involve graphics that have embraced simplicity with a little bit of whimsy or cheekiness if you will. After seeing hundreds of images & reading half a dozen articles we have once again brought you a “high five” list.

Best Logos 2015 – The High Five List

You may find a few of the five unfamiliar but nonetheless their design holds up against some of the giant brands out there that underwent big changes during this year. The most notable is Google.

1) Best or Worst Redesign – Google

best logos 2015

What do you think? One could argue that this re-branding is none other than a failed attempt for a company to look “fresh” with “clean lines.” However, that mentality may just be for the haters out there (one of which obviously writes for the New Yorker).

“Whenever a brand wants to freshen itself up, you start hearing talk about ‘clean lines,’ as if a few gorgeous, old-fashioned letters were keeping us in the Dark Ages.” -Sarah Larson

While abandoning the old style “g” might make some relate to our culture straying away from the published word it can also be viewed as a reminder that our published word is continuing the transition from print to digital.

2) Worst or Worst Redesign – Verizon

best logos 2015

Well, there it is folks, simplicity leading into controversy. While there is nothing technically or inherently wrong with the new logo one would expect more inspiration & creativity from one of the leading brands. Do you look at this logo & immediately identify the brand or rather would you if you had never heard of Verizon before? A logo should be simple, easy to ready & quickly encapsulate your identity.

“I do not get it and that check mark at the end is just annoying.” -Anonymous

While it is difficult for some to associate this logo with a wireless service provider it has been called an “improvement” over the previous logo. It is certainly not one of the “best logos 2015” has seen but it will stand against the cheeky comments.

3) Most Dramatic Change – Freeview

best logos 2015

Freeview is one of the biggest television program providers in the UK! Check out the old logo just above on the left followed by the updated, 2015 version. Do you once again see the digital-age influence? The new 2015 logo brings to mind a digital viewing service while the old logo brings to mind a loaf of bread.

4) An Inspirational Move – Movers

best logos 2015

Fantastic, simple, beautiful! There is no doubt what this company is all about. Except, this particular design is just an effort from a designer with So unless a home-moving company has snagged it for branding, it remains a fabulous logo for a future brand.

5) A Good Mark – Lexmark

best logos 2015

Another clear, good move influenced by the digital age of media. The world-wide manufacturer of laser printers was long overdue for updating their logo. How is your brand holding up to the ages?

Hope you have enjoyed our high-five of 2015 and if so check out more from the series!

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Wishing you all the best in business, life & creative design during the upcoming new year!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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