Analytics and Tag Manager

Analytics and Tag Manager

iStock_000021025962XSmallWhether you have a completely new website or an old website you have not visited in years it is never too late to revisit and add analytics. And for those who think they know all about SEO we urge you to read on and find out more concerning the new Google Tag Manager.

Webpage analytics is data about the people who visit your page. Some analytics are built in and offer simple information such as how many “hits,” you have gotten over the past. Facebook offers one for pages and WordPress offers a similar tool. However, you may want some highly specific information. We suggest Google Analytics.

Let us say you need help establishing your brand. This site provides great detail. You can read the duration of each visit, whether the majority of your readers are male or female, their geographic location, compare new visitors to those returning and even discover what network the surfer is using at the time. Perhaps the most valuable insight is the list of keywords as noted over a year ago in SEO Self-Learned Tips. However, who wants to review something old when you can learn about the freshest option on the market?

Just like any blogger will add tags to a post those wanting great web-business will tag their actual page. This can be cumbersome and usually requires hiring a webmaster. Google Tag Manager allows you to add tags quickly and efficiently while circumventing the vast majority of coding. What does this mean? This means that if your site launches a new service or product you can quickly update your web tags to reflect just that. Get the full details by visiting the linked article or watching this YouTube video.

If your company needs other webpage updates or marketing strategies within the creative process you have found another time saving option as we will do all the work. We’re sure your analytics will reflect a great return from your creative investment.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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