An Actor’s Website – Creating Websites With Wix Pros & Cons

An Actor’s Website – Creating Websites With Wix Pros & Cons

During my process I encountered some gems & hiccups along the way; allow me to share.

Websites With WIX (Pros)

Here’s my top two pros:

  1. Amount of Available Templates
  2. Easy Adding Your Own Content

One of the strongest pros of creating a website with WIX is the amount of available templates & how relative they are to fit specific needs.

The variety of categories offered on the WIX website speaks volumes regarding the work this company has done to fit certain styles & highlight relevant content. In other words, the web content for a bakery differs from that of a male salon. Hence, the templates should differ as well.

Here are some of the diverse categories and subcategories offered from WIX at the click of a button:

  • Cars and Transportation
  • Event Management
  • Home and Garden
  • Nightlife
  • Food and Drink
  • Electronics
  • Wedding Photography
  • Web Designer
  • & More

Sparked your curiosity? Investigate all the template based websites with WIX.

The diversity of the templates enables those looking for a website now to get something up & running smoothly, quickly & pretty efficiently. Is this going to be the know all end all of your website? Absolutely not.

Once initial content is up & running with a template based site then take the time to make adjustments to further customize your online identity. This will help you stand out from the other people who have chosen the same template to create their site.

The other strongest pro of working with WIX is the ease of using your original content.

For example, while creating my actor’s website I simply took the initial site for “actor,” deleted the existing photos on the main page slider & uploaded a series of headshots. It surprised me to see how quickly I finished my landing page.

However, some of the other pages were not so easily managed which brings me to my CONS.

Websites With WIX (CONS)

Here’s my top two cons:

  1. Learning Curve for Customization
  2. It’s Still A Website Template

As I have previously worked with WordPress, Blogger and Squarespace I expected to have enough working knowledge of template based website development to just jump right into the process. That was not the case (so, feel free to check out your other options for template based websites).

Some of the icons for managing aspects of the page were a little vague adding time to discovering what works a& how it works best.

When working with multiple text boxes (as with the case for the online actor’s resume) it became a little confusing as to which content would be in the front… or if that mattered at all.

Many times when I simply wanted to edit a certain page & double clicked on a website menu page to do  get there. However, rather than be taken to that specific page I was asked to make edits to the existing menu. Sometimes this was the case & sometimes it was not. Consistency is key.

However, this con could be due to my own lack of patience (it probably is).

Now, onto the final & most important con. Regardless of how much I tweak & develop the content through the existing options it will never be as good as a custom developed site.

Custom sites make you, your company & your brand pop among the pool of template based competition. Get your creative intake started with Andiamo Creative & you will be on your way to moving from the beginning websites with WIX to a beautiful, distinct creative website.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
  • Jay Blake
    Posted at 00:29h, 28 September Reply

    Thanks, but what is a “male salon”? Is it possible you meant to write “nail salon”?

    • andiamo2
      Posted at 08:06h, 28 September Reply

      Thanks Jay! It’s now been fixed!

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