A Swell Website

A Swell Website

moreyarn-211x300Reaching midway in my POA for SEO it is time to integrate what I learned from Groundswell and share some thoughts on making a swell website. Aside from looking swell a well developed website will (A) allow for easy navigation, (B) offer the viewer continuing reasons to visit and (C) show up in direct and related online searches. I will be using a couple of websites to illustrate my argument the first of which is the new finished work, More Yarn. Breaking it down here, we see this meets the criteria:

  • (A) Three easy tabs across top, multiple options to reach your shopping cart including footer quick links, and the main header logo returns you to the home screen
  • (B) Offers Rewards program, numerous brands and daily specials
  • (C) Returns on page one in Google search for company name

Strengths of this site include the pleasing design and overall web-layout and the simplicity of navigation. Now if the owner of this company meets a potential client and happens to be missing his or her business cards they can simply say, “Just search More Yarn Chicago on Google.” Now let’s consider a site offering something other than a material product, my company page, Awesomonster. Another breakdown follows:

  • (A) Static homepage encouraging navigation, plenty of clear tabs, search box, footer categories, pages and archives, also main header logo return
  • (B) Three out of Ten pages receive regular RSS updates including new photos, podcasts and blog entries
  • (C) Listed as a page one return in Google search for both company name and current live production

Awesomonster-300x281One might ask at this point what a good site has to do with my reading the Groundswell. Easily answered, your website is your core tie-in for all social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Yelp, etc. How does this element link to SEO? Consider the “talking” strategy presented in the book. Online forum and social network engagement is the direct way of talking with the groundswell yet there is one more method. I value SEO development as the indirect way of communicating with the groundswell movement, the underlying subtlety or nuance to a page if you will. The longer you have done it and the more specific your keyword development, the richer your conversation with the web will be. Specificity is key.

While a sample list of relevant words for my comedy webpage include different venues and performers of Chicago comedy a sample for this page is very different (way to go captain obvious). Seriously though, I just wanted a transition into a list I’m focusing on for this page including but not limited to the following:

Chicago web designer, creative branding, web layout, branding package, graphic design firms, creative websites, design firm chicago, etc.

In close, coupling these broader categorical keywords with others specific to the article in question remain at the heart of my SEO POA for Andiamo Creative where we help you build a swell website.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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