Seo-Strategies-300x231Here, I lay out my plan of action for search engine optimization spanning six  weeks and beginning right here with A POA for SEO!

Now, taking into account these last few months and an almost dozen articles later we figured it was time to have a little one and one update with Rochelle Weiner. As tradition, we met at Emerald City Coffee to sip coffee and touch base over development thus far. “I like what you’ve been doing,” Rochelle says “and now we want to take it one step further.”

Initially, my goal was simply to have more people popping onto the site. After all, more web traffic leads one to correlate such with potential clients. Not always the case. Together we reviewed Google Analytics to discover key word searches used to find our page, the location of the searches, the bounce rate and plenty more helpful data. In short, good SEO will bring your page link listed on higher on return results from engines such as Yahoo, Google, AOL, Ask Jeeves (or the now Ask.com), MSN and so forth.

“Yeah, it doesn’t seem entirely helpful that someone found our page by searching for ‘big boned BBQ,'” I say and we both laugh. Then again, the content was highly relevant at that point during the Windy CIty Ribfest and went hand in hand with my personable approach of getting more people in the community to hear about the company, but it simply did not prove overly advantageous as an SEO strategy (more of a word of mouth strategy, after all I interviewed 100 people). So, this particular person landing on our page with this particular search decided to “bounce.” Our customers are more likely to be interested if they review more than one of the pages or services offered through Andiamo Creative. Now on to my plan.

Over this next span of time I will focus my keywords to remain within highly relevant circles coupled with the company’s product (as it is here “This is our Work”), while working in concert with data from analytics and Google AdWords (and in future articles, I’ll even share some of the words that prove highly helpful). Pairing that with my own SEO self-learned tips while continuing advertising across social media and more tips from our own Robin Angell Caroll in “How to Write for SEO” will result in a refined, handy strategy in helping the right people find us and our creative service.

Speaking of creative service, I’m giving a quick kudos to Rochelle for her new finished work with MoreYarn.com!

So whether you find yourselves in need of a brand update, an email campaign, Uptown copywriting or print services we have all that and more to offer you (not to mention you can continue to sneak a peek at my stretch into a POA for SEO!). Take a look at what we have and don’t bounce to soon or you might just inhibit your own creative plan of action.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
  • Rochelle Weiner
    Posted at 07:37h, 12 October Reply

    Great post, Nicholas! yay!

  • Nicholas Dale Taylor
    Posted at 15:34h, 21 November Reply

    Thanks Rochelle!

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