100 Years of Wrigley – Marketing Change-up & Throwback to Old Brand

100 Years of Wrigley – Marketing Change-up & Throwback to Old Brand

Regardless of any single opinion 100 years of Wrigley has happened and their fans couldn’t be more loyal. Honoring this occasion the team has made a marketing “change-up” if you will and are throwing back to the old brand.

Now, let me make one thing clear. I do not follow sports. This is not an article claiming how this team beat the other team by x amount of points. “Huraah!” No, this is article from an outside eye who is simply saying “That is smart marketing. It looks good.”

And now prepare for a gasp. I have lived in Chicago since 2007 and I have never been to a Cubs game.

Four to five times a week I walk by that fantastic stadium and on game days hear the crowds roaring inside and think, “Hmmmm, it must be that new advertising on the walls.” Joke, that does not really cross my mind. What does cross my mind is that people continually come out to support this team who evidently has not lived up to the expectations of winning the World Series in over 105 years (though history has been known to repeat itself).

Still it markets like never before! A little over a year ago there was a logo contest (we mentioned it in an earlier article here); people threw in their drafts for rebranding Wrigley (view some of the entries here for the Wrigley Field Turns 100 Contest). Being the second oldest MLB stadium in America is not an easy feat (the oldest is Fenway Park in Boston). Construction was present just outside the stadium for bit (I imagine readying the stadium for the 100 year anniversary). But fans are back in seats and get to see some older jerseys sported across the history of this classic MLB stadium.

My favorite marketing gimmick is those cool little seats for two, spray painted or made up in whatever way they end up, placed around the city & all promoting 100 years of Wrigley Field. It just reminds of an awesome place where I have never sat, amongst a potential audience of over 41,000 people.

A house with numbers of that size are hard to fill but imagine if you will Wrigley Field filled to the brim with win ready faces cheering on their team, an awesome thought.

Continue the creative marketing Wrigley Field and happy number 100 from Andiamo Creative!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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